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Benefits of the Daikin Zena

The Zena, is Daikin's next generation of split system heat pump. With beautiful lines and european engineering the Daikin Zena is whisper quiet and really efficient.

  • Quiet Operation - By activating the Indoor Unit Quiet Operation Function, sound levels are reduced by 2-3 decibel (dB)
  • 2-Area Intelligent Eye - The 2-area intelligent eye sensor controls comfort by monitoring occupants and adjusting temperature and airflow to suit
  • Wireless LAN Connection - You can conveniently and efficiently manage the unit when away from home
  • R32 Refrigerant - R32 refrigerant enables increased energy efficiency and a significant reduction in 'Global Warming Potential Factor'

ColdRite Hawke's Bay and Daikin Heat pumps

ColdRite Hawkes Bay provides great quality heat pumps and air conditioning units for homes in Napier, Hastings and their surounding areas.  ColdRite offer a great range of discreet quiet wall-mounted units to fit any home. 

The Daikin Zena wall mounted unit is a natural choice for those wanting comfort of a unit that blends with its surroundings. The Daikin Zena also allows for easy cleaning – the smooth surfaces can simply be wiped clean. Daikin's air purifying filters and 2-Area Intelligent Eye system enables fresh, clean air to flow to every corner of the room.

Product features

  • Reverse cycle (heating and cooling)
  • 24Hr, 7 day on/off timer
  • Energy efficient
  • Quiet operation
  • Range from 2KW-9.5KW
  • Phone Operation through Wifi

Coldrite's range of home Air Conditioners are available in either ‘Cooling Only’ or 'Reverse Cycle' (Heating and Cooling) or for the best comfort. You can also choose a system that regulates temperature, ventilation as well as humidity levels, which means you can be comforable and relaxed in your home  all year round. 

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