Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

Winter is defiantly here. It has been bitterly cold and it has snowed in places that haven't seen snow in years.

There are plenty of ways to keep your house warmer and maximize the effects of your ColdRite heat pump. Below, we've put together a quick list of low-tech ways to keep your house warm.

1. Seal the leaks

Air leaks in your home can result in a loss of heat and a massive power bill. So seal the leaks around your doors and windows. But don't stop there, think about the potential for air leaks in roof spaces, electrical outlets, plumbing vents, cable T.V. lines, vents, etc. Make sure you have adequate insulation, and caulk up any holes from wiring or cables running in or out of your house. Also, close bathroom or kitchen vents where possible. This handy guide, by Energystar gives you all the information you need to find and seal up leaks.

3. Ceiling fans

I know, you think we've gone crazy! But your ceiling fans that normally lay dormant during winter can be really useful. Heat rises, so use the ceiling fans to push it back down and keep you warm. If it does create a draft, turn it to a lower speed and make sure it's rotating clockwise. Promise that's not a joke!

2. Let the light in!

What's better than free heat? Keep the curtains open during the day, to let the natural warmth in. Even during cold days, the sun is still warm. Only open the curtains where sunlight streams through, otherwise you'll be losing all that free heat.

3. Curtains

Once you get all that free heat, you'll want to close the curtains when the sun goes down. This will help to stop the heat leaving through the doors and windows. If your house is particularly old or cold, you may want to invest in insulated curtains. They'll prevent the heat escaping from you home! Also, if your home doesn't have them, you may want to install pelmets on top of your windows. (Pelmets are the boxes which sit over your curtain rods.)

4. Become a master chef

Baking, casseroling, or roasting, will help heat your home. The heat that radiates the from the oven while you cook a delicious dinner, will provide warmth to the rooms nearest the kitchen. We've even found you some great winter recipes to get you started.

5. Close doors

If your spending the day or night mainly in one area or room, close the doors and create a warm little paradise. Blocking off the areas of your home or office that you don't use will not only help you save on the power bill but, will also let the heat spread quicker.

6. Make sure you use a quality heat pump. Having a quality reliable heat pump can be the difference between a warm and cosy home and a damp cold one. All of ColdRite's heat pumps are designed to warm your home and keep it warm all winter long. Make sure you have your heat pump maintained regularly, this will keep it running perfectly all year round.

Lastly, it is more important that your warm. If you can't heat the whole room or it's just not warm enough then wrap up in a blanket, turn your electric blanket on, or get closer to your Coldrite Heat Pump. Also check out EECA'S Engerywise website, they have plenty of tips to help you keep your house warm and energy efficient this winter.

If your heat pump is in need of some maintenance or you need a heat pump installed, contact Coldrite for a free quote today.

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